Interactive Language Learning for Advanced Beginners

Learn Arabic Now!

Those who have mastered the “Talk Now” curriculum of the EuroTalk interactive language learning system ( now have the opportunity to build on their newfound skills and abilities by challenging themselves with the “Talk More” series. Having found that utilizing native speakers to teach their languages to eager students is a winning combination, EuroTalk is committed to helping their students soar!

There is nothing more empowering than the mastery of a new skill as complex as learning a new language, but with the advanced beginner program you will be well on your way to put to good use what you have already learned and then use it as a springboard to advance your knowledge and your abilities even further.

Not quite intermediate, but not exactly on the beginner’s level anymore either, the advanced beginner “Talk More” products will take the language student through a series of audio and video scenarios that enable an increased feel for the applicability of the words and phrases learned, while introducing new terminology that expands on the already developed knowledge base.

Whether you are honing your language skills in Arabic, Basque, Cantonese, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Malay, Mandarin, Mexican Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Scots Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish, Swiss, Thai, Turkish or Ukrainian, native speakers will assist you in successfully mimicking speech patterns, accents, and pronunciations with little or no accent of your own. Interactivity enables you to model your phraseology to such an extent that sentence modulation becomes natural in your target language.

EuroTalk’s second level of interactive language lessons is perfect for the business traveler, language student who needs a little extra boost to augment the theoretic application of language learned through books in the classroom, and the leisure traveler who knows that to truly benefit from a vacation one must speak at least a bit of the language!

Breaking the Arabic Code

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