Why Learn Arabic?

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Arabic is the official language or one of multiple official languages in as many as 25 countries making it one of the world’s major languages. It is therefore no surprise that more and more interest comes from the Western world to learn this challenging language for both strategic reasons and oil resources.

However, Arabic is not just spoken in the Middle East but also throughout North Africa and some of the eastern and southern parts of the African continent. Given therefore the importance of this language, Arabic speakers are in high demand, particularly for those companies dealing with the Middle East, intelligence services and military forces. Learning Arabic can open up endless career opportunities and prove worth the effort to learn.

As when learning any language a certain amount of time, patience and dedication is required. Learning Arabic can pose many challenges given that it is considered to be rather difficult. Arabic script can appear to be quite daunting and the pronunciation relatively hard to reproduce but with good tutoring and lots of practice such obstacles can be overcome.

Learning Arabic, despite its complex structure as a language and unfamiliarity to most European language such as English, can prove to be extremely rewarding. It can be a real asset to learn Arabic especially if it is something you are considering to help improve your career chances. But even if learning Arabic is purely for entertainment and pleasure it can open up a whole new fascinating world as far as culture and history go.

Breaking the Arabic Code

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